Womens haircuts 40$+
Wash & blowout style 35$
Mini highlight 25$
A fun less complicated way to add a little brightness to your hair
(6 foils)
Balayage highlighting 85$+
These highlights are applied by painting them directly onto the hair. The results are subtle giving the hair a natural sun-kissed effect
Ombré highlighting 85$+
a gradual or extreme transition from dark to light in the hair
Partial highlight 75+
Top and sides highlighted using foils. Either sliced or weaver depending on your desired result.
Full highlight 95$+
Complete application of foils throughout entire head. Weaved or sliced method used depending on desired result.
Color all over 75+
All over single color process.
Color retouch 55$+
Application covers re growth only. Good for covering difficult grey.
Glossing 45$+
A temporary color sealant that protects your hair while adding incredible shine.

Toner 25$+

A color solution used to remove unwanted color or brassiness in hair


Men's scissor haircuts 25$


Brazilian Blowout 250$+
Brazilian Blowout Original smooths hair by locking a protective protein layer around each hair cuticle. Results leave each strand incredibly smooth with amazing shine and zero frizz. Hair is effortless to style and will continue to look shiny healthy and beautiful

Brazilian Deep Shine Conditioning Hair Mask